KOBO is the creation of Junko Kobori. Originally from Kumamoto in southern Japan, Junko and her husband spent many years traveling the world together, and she was always struck by the scent of each place, and how absent those fragrances were later when sharing photographs with friends. Eventually settling in Upstate New York, Junko began blending aromas for her own home that would be as equally memorable to her family and guests as the paintings on the walls, or the flavors of the food. And so it was from Saratoga Springs that KOBO was officially launched in 2006, and where the candles are hand-poured today. KOBO candles are made of 100% soy wax from domestically grown and sustainable soybeans and the highest quality fragrance and essential oils. Available in multiple collections, each distinct in their notes and tonality, with custom, knockout packaging that creates a gift that sells itself.

Opening Order: One Collection / Re-Order: 12 units